International Journal of Veterinary Science and Research Submit Manuscript

    Corrections, Retraction, replacement and Withdrawal policies

    International Journal of Veterinary Science and Research (IJVSR) identifies the importance of maintaining trust among the authors and so we put efforts to deliver best practice in the scholarly publishing by strictly adhering to the designed policies.


    Prior to final publication:

    After the author sends the revised manuscript, it is thoroughly checked by the peer-review council to ensure that recommended suggestions are implemented in the article content. Thereafter, Galley proofs are sent to the author for proofreading and corrections are done before the PDF's are sent for final publication.

    After final publication:

    Once the article is finally published, changes with regard to author names, affiliations etc. will not be entertained. However, if any mistake is detected that seriously affects the publication records or the scope of the article then modifications can be done on receipt of such request from the corresponding author of the article.

    Article retraction policy

    Policies related to retraction of the articles covers instances leading to unethical practices in developing an article, multiple submission, fake authorship, and any other fraudulent conduct. It also covers requests to retract an article for correcting mistakes and technical errors in the research data.

    We adopt to the best practices for dealing with retractions and allow genuine requests on receiving such requests with a retraction request letter duly signed by the signed by the authors. After approval, the HTML and other versions of the article are removed from the IJVSR database and other promotional platforms.

    Withdrawal Policy

    Manuscripts may be withdrawn by submitting a letter to the editorial office stating the reasons for manuscript withdrawal.

    If any client withdraws his/her manuscript before or after the peer-review process; he/she will be charged according to the following norms decided in the general body meeting of the company:

    1. If the manuscript is withdrawn before plagiarism checking: $0
    2. If the manuscript is withdrawn after plagiarism checking but before Peer-Review process: $249
    3. If the manuscript is withdrawn after Peer-Review process: $749
    4. If the manuscript is withdrawn at final proof stage: $749

    Article replacement policy

    Replacement of the article is accepted in cases where the article, if acted upon, might pose a serious health risk and the authors of the original article wish to retract the flawed original and replace it with a corrected version.

    Legal reasons for article removal

    In rare cases, it may be necessary to remove an article from the online database of IJVSR. Such instances may occur due to clear evidence of defamatory, or infringement of other scholars' legal rights, or subject of a court order, or where the article, if acted upon, might pose a serious health risk. In these circumstances, the text will be replaced with a screen indicating the article has been removed due legal reasons.

    The above policies are designed and implemented to address any concern of the authors and to take into account best practice in the scholarly publishing. These policies are revisited on scheduled basis and revised as per the international standards and best practices adopted by the publishing and information industry.